Future Development Candidates

ERX Pharmaceuticals’ product pipeline includes the lead clinical candidate ERX-1000, as well as other leptin sensitizers that exhibit differentiated properties. By expanding our intellectual property coverage in the leptin sensitization landscape, we aim to continue to build our patent portfolio for our discovery and early development compounds in obesity and related metabolic diseases.

Next Generation Candidates

Our research efforts led to the discovery of numerous analogs of our lead drug candidate, which we believe may yield novel compounds with different physiochemical properties compared to ERX-1000. Among these orally-active novel analogs, we are in the process of selecting a lead preclinical candidate to progress into IND-enabling studies and to develop as a next generation candidate for the treatment of obesity and obesity-associated metabolic diseases.

ERX-2000 Program

Our future drug candidates include ERX-2000, another class of leptin sensitizing compound, currently in the discovery stage. ERX-2000 showed robust anti-diabetic activity (independent of weight loss) as well as anti-obesity activity in animal studies of severe obesity.