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Obesity is a function of biology.

ERX Pharmaceuticals Inc. is developing first-in-class leptin sensitizers for the treatment of obesity and related diseases based on a new understanding of the science of obesity.
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ERX is developing first-in-class leptin sensitizers to address unmet needs in the treatment of obesity.

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Metabolic Diseases

Metabolic Diseases

Insensitivity to leptin signaling contributes to a range of metabolic diseases, which may be addressable by leptin sensitizers.

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Hypothalamus Extended
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Research + Development

Targeting Leptin Resistance

Leptin signaling plays a critical role in the body’s regulation of food intake and energy expenditure. ERX believes that improving leptin sensitivity can yield significant clinical benefits across a range of metabolic diseases, including obesity.
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Drug Discovery and Development

ERX has several drug candidates in the pipeline, from ERX-1000 currently in the clinic, to additional compounds in preclinical or discovery stages.
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Scientific Advisory Board

ERX is supported by an internationally renowned group of engaged scientific advisors who are experts in the fields of leptin biology and obesity drug discovery.

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News & Events

May 2019
ERX Pharmaceuticals Announces Appointment of Chief Medical Officer Barbara Troupin, MD, MBA and Chief Financial Offer Jonathan Lieber, MBA.